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===== 2.5 (in development) ====
List of changes:
- added a sitemap.xml.
- added some templatetags.
- started using Sphinx for managing documentation.
- started using Transifex for managing translations.
- added 12 new translations.
===== 2.4 (13/08/2012) ====
Please note:
1. Starting with this version, Photologue uses South to manage the database schema.
If you are upgrading an existing Photologue installation, please follow the
South instructions at:
2. Photologue has dropped support for Django 1.2.
List of changes:
- use South to manage schema changes.
- updated installation instructions.
- fixed issue #9 (In Django 1.3, FileField no longer deletes files).
- switched from function-based generic views to class-based views.
- fixed PendingDeprecationWarnings seen when running Django 1.3 - this will make
the move to Django 1.5 easier.
- added unit tests.
- fixed bug where GALLERY_SAMPLE_SIZE setting was not being used.
- fixed issue #11 (GalleryUpload with len(title) > 50 causes a crash).
- fixed issue #10 (Increase the size of the name field for photosize).