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import sifter.handler
__all__ = ('register', 'get_match_fn',)
def register(comparator_name, comparator_cls):
sifter.handler.register('comparator', comparator_name, comparator_cls)
def get_match_fn(comparator, match_type):
# section 2.7.3: default comparator is 'i;ascii-casemap'
if comparator is None: comparator = 'i;ascii-casemap'
# RFC 4790, section 3.1: the special identifier 'default' refers to the
# implementation-defined default comparator
elif comparator == 'default': comparator = 'i;ascii-casemap'
# section 2.7.1: default match type is ":is"
if match_type is None: match_type = 'IS'
# TODO: support wildcard matching in comparator names (RFC 4790)
cmp_handler = sifter.handler.get('comparator', comparator)
if not cmp_handler:
raise RuntimeError("Comparator not supported: %s" % comparator)
cmp_fn = getattr(cmp_handler, 'cmp_%s' % match_type.lower())
except AttributeError:
raise RuntimeError(
"':%s' matching not supported by comparator '%s'"
% (match_type, comparator)
return (cmp_fn, comparator, match_type)
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