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defmodule Weathernow.NOAA do
@moduledoc """
Get and parse data from the NOAA current airport observations.
require Record
@user_agent [{"User-agent", "Elixir Tutorial Project"}]
@options [follow_redirect: true]
{:ok, xsdModel} = :erlsom.compile_xsd_file(
Path.join([__DIR__, "data", "current_observation.xsd"]))
@xsdModel xsdModel
xml_path = Path.join([__DIR__, "data", "current_observation.hrl"])
Record.defrecord :current_observation,
Record.extract(:current_observation, from: xml_path)
Record.defrecord :imageType,
Record.extract(:imageType, from: xml_path)
@doc """
Fetch and parse the weather observations for a given airport code.
def fetch(airport_code) do
|> HTTPoison.get(@user_agent, @options)
|> handle_response(airport_code)
@doc """
Convert an airport code to an API URL.
iex> Weathernow.NOAA.code_url("RDU")
def code_url(code) do
@doc """
Handle a weather observation response or error.
def handle_response({:ok, %HTTPoison.Response{status_code: 200, body: body}}, _),
do: {:ok, handle_body(body)}
def handle_response({:ok, %HTTPoison.Response{status_code: status_code}}, code),
do: {:error, {to_string(status_code), code}}
def handle_response({:error, response}, code), do: {:error, {response, code}}
def erlsom_transform(data = current_observation()), do:
Enum.into(current_observation(data),, &_transform_value/1)
def erlsom_transform(data = imageType()), do:
Enum.into(imageType(data),, &_transform_value/1)
def erlsom_transform(data = [first | _rest]) when is_integer(first), do: List.to_string(data)
def erlsom_transform(:undefined), do: nil
def erlsom_transform(data), do: data
defp _transform_value({k, v}), do: {k, erlsom_transform(v)}
@doc """
Parse the body of a weather observation response.
def handle_body(body) do
{:ok, data, _rest} = :erlsom.scan(body, @xsdModel)
# def dict_values_to_string(dict), do:
# map_dict(dict, fn({key, value} -> {key, to_string(value)}))
# def map_dict(dict, f), do:
# Enum.into(, f),