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# Initialize or update the data directory.
# Run this with `mix run init.exs` (or `mix run lib/weathernow/data/init.exs`
# from project root).
import SweetXml
client = [{"User-agent", "Elixir Tutorial Project"}]
options = [follow_redirect: true]
url = Weathernow.NOAA.code_url("RDU")
%HTTPoison.Response{body: body} = HTTPoison.get!(url, client, options)
schema_url = body |> xpath(
%HTTPoison.Response{body: schema_body} = HTTPoison.get!(
schema_url, client, options)
File.write!(Path.join(__DIR__, "current_observation.xsd"), schema_body)
Path.join(__DIR__, "current_observation.xsd"),
Path.join(__DIR__, "current_observation.hrl"))