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set -ex
if [[ $# -ne 2 ]] ; then
echo 'Missing required arguments'
exit 1
GITHUB_ACCOUNT=$1 # i.e. garystafford
GITHUB_REPO=$2 # i.e. zeppelin-emr-demo
# install extra python packages
sudo python3 -m pip install psycopg2-binary boto3
# install extra linux packages
yes | sudo yum install git htop
# clone github repo
cd /tmp
git clone "${GITHUB_ACCOUNT}/${GITHUB_REPO}.git"
# install extra jars
wget -nv "${POSTGRES_JAR}"
sudo chown -R hadoop:hadoop ${POSTGRES_JAR}
mkdir -p /home/hadoop/extrajars/
cp ${POSTGRES_JAR} /home/hadoop/extrajars/
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