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Latest commit e889a93 Mar 20, 2013 @garytse89 Revised the code based on advice from Reddit. Still lots of formattin…
…g to do. Significantly reduced the verbose-ness of the consonant/vowel priorization codes, added a screenshot.

Auto correct algorithm:

Author: Gary Tse Start Date: March 14, 2013

Input: user enters a word Output: prints out the autocorrected version of the word, if not corrected then it will print out "No suggestion" Sources: wordlist.txt, testcases.txt = the code using normal O(n) search, n being the amount of words in the dictionary file = verbose version of = updated, hash table using search

  • all three use regular expressions for the majority of searches, and hash table lookup for the initial search re.findall is faster than O(n), shown in Search speed comparisons.png, but I'd say the bottleneck is when the input word is very complex and requires multiple iterations to fix = old slow search = a failed idea at trying to take index numbers of all words starting with different alphabets in the dictionary list, which would make it O(n/26) but slow nonetheless = current working hash table lookup for search = test file for that function

Pseudocode: Setup-- 1. reads wordlist.txt into memory Program flow-- 1. reads words from stdin 2a. IF autocorrrection is found, print that word out 2b. ELSE print out "No suggestion"

What doesn't work: jjoobbb Proper nouns will print out as all lower case

Resources consulted:

Peter Norvig's spell checker: Regex: