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  • create a generic Extension mechanism, something that brings filters and processors and configurators all under one roof.

  • add scaffolding, especially to help create a useful config.yaml file (which is, at this point, pretty much a necessity)

  • add CSS/JS compressor/minification/combinator support, probably as a tag.

  • CANCELED merge YAML/config using a DSL that allows arrays to be extended instead of replaced

  • TABLED table of contents

2012_06_05 - v4.5.9

  • removed support for scss_ext and clevercss_ext, since no one was using them anyway, the backwards support was unneeded. importing from strange_case.extensions.sha will issue a warning

2012_05_09 - v4.5.6

  • Added misaka for markdown. Use it :-). Markdown2 has some serious bugs, and I have not heard anything from the developer about whether he will fix them or not... misaka is awesome, and fast. Or, keep using Markdown2, I'm leaving it in strange_case.extensions.

2012_05_09 - v4.5.3

  • override configurator added so that I can set a folder of image titles to "".

2012_05_09 - v4.5.2

  • no more files, thanks to absolute_import
  • imports from are now easy, so it is encouraged to use config.yaml for config, and to create helpers (which are then imported into config.yaml)
  • I can't emphasize how happy I am to have test coverage :-)

2012_05_09 - v4.4.0

  • category extension now supports category-specific detail pages. just add category: special category to the special category page, or categories: [special, categories] if you want multiple categories to use that page. if you don't implement a category page, it will raise a NotImplementedError.

2012_05_09 - v4.2.0

  • added scase --serve command

2012_05_06 - v4.1.6

  • Lots more tests, including entire site building tests.
  • Lots of fixes - thanks, tests!
  • configurator methods can now offer some special properties that are picked up in the strange_case function, meta_before and meta_after:
    1. defaults - a dictionary of configuration key/values
    2. require_before - a list of config keys that must be present when configuration starts
    3. require_after - a list of config keys that must be present when configuration ends
    4. on_start - a function that is called before the root node is created, it is passed the config dict
    5. on_finish - a function that is called after the site is generater, also handed the config dict

2012_04_27 - v4.0.10

  • The configurators have been totally broken up into components, with some of them being relegated to "extension" status (setdefault_title, order_from_name, created_at_from_name) and added some new ones (file_mtime, file_ctime, strip_extensions).
  • Opened up the #strangecase chat room on Join us! :-)
  • Moved url and iterable "detection" into configuration. However, there is still a url method on Node, which attaches the parent's url.
  • Tests! Finally added a test framework, using py.test.

2012_03_13 - v3.0.3

  • refactored the extensions folder again. removed all the imports from you WILL need to update your imports:

    strange_case.extensions.Markdown2Extension => strange_case.extensions.markdown.MarkdownExtension
    strange_case.extensions.markdown => strange_case.extensions.markdown.markdown =>
    strange_case.extensions.sha => strange_case.extensions.sha.sha
    strange_case.extensions.image_processor => strange_case.extensions.image
    strange_case.extensions.paginated_processor => strange_case.extensions.paginated
    strange_case.extensions.category_processor => strange_case.extensions.category
    strange_case.extensions.clevercss_processor => strange_case.extensions.clevercss_ext
    strange_case.extensions.scss_processor => strange_case.extensions.scss_ext
  • Thanks to this refactor, CleverCSS, PIL, markdown2, and PySCSS are now optional, not installed as part of pip install StrangeCase

  • Added require_package helper to output error message when a package is not installed. Usage: require_package("PIL").

2012_03_13 - v3.0.3

  • refactored the extensions folder, but that shouldn't affect anyone

  • added 'default_type' config, used when type isn't set and no file_types match the file

2012_03_13 - v3.0.0

  • added scss_processor and clevercss_processor. They compile and save SCSS/CleverCSS into CSS.

  • moved all extensions into the strange_case.extensions module. processors, extensions, and filters are all imported from there.

  • refactored configurator to use the 'file_types' config, which is modified during startup by processors to associate file types with a default processor. this replaces the dont_process configuration.

  • updated README to reflect these changes

2012_03_11 - v2.4.0

  • added a paginated processor. it will iterate through all the pages in the folder and create a Page object that holds paginated.limit items (default: 10). the first page will be named after the page that you assign type: paginated. every page after that will be named "pageN.html", where N is one-indexed (and therefore starts at "2", since the first page is probably "index.html"). see the README or processors/ file for more info

  • added favicon.ico to list of dont_process defaults

  • command-line options (-x, --exclude) to exclude folders from the --watch command.

  • date configurator matches Y, Y-M, or Y-M-D. month and day default to 1.

2012_03_01 - v2.3.0

  • you can now specify the following configurations as command-line options:

    • -p, --project: project_path
    • -s, --site: site_path
    • -d, --deploy: deploy_path
    • -r, --remove: remove_stale_files
    • -n, --no-remove: remove_stale_files
    • -c, --config: config_file
    • key:value: any key/value
    • key: value: these don't have to be "touching"

    These override any defaults, and any settings in and config.yaml

  • You can now have python configuration front matter. Instead of dashes, use "```"s python configuration front matter is eval'd with the current config as locals(), so any assignments you make in you front matter will be available in your template.

    See README for more information

  • Added config_hook, so that you can assign configuration at the end of configuration. It is a callable that is passed one argument: the CONFIG variable.

    You can use this to process configurations that are expected from the command line.

  • Fixed the file removal to use absolute paths when matching against dont_remove, but outputs using os.path.relpath

  • Terminal-formatted output, and writes messages to sys.stderr

  • Support error messages using assert in

2012_03_01 - v2.2.0

"Stale" files are now automatically removed during generation! This can be controlled and disabled.

  • Added remove_stale_files boolean and dont_remove list to config.

  • if remove_stale_files is true, all files that don't match patterns in dont_remove and were not generated are removed.

    Defaults: remove_stale_files: true dont_remove: ['.*'] # dotfiles

2012_02_29 - v2.1.4

  • First submission to PyPi.
  • Supports --watch using watchdog
  • see README for all features