Digest authentication doesn't work #4

mdlesniak opened this Issue Apr 30, 2012 · 5 comments


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I love the ANT task library for MarkLogic, but I noticed the XDBC server it accesses has to have authentication set to "basic" (or "digestbasic") for tasks to run. Tasks fail due to authentication errors if the XDBC server is set to "digest".


garyvidal commented May 2, 2012

XDBC up to 4.2 does not support digest authentication. Try setting to digestbasic


garyvidal commented May 2, 2012

Not fixing, issue in ML server for xdbc connection

We've got MarkLogic 4.2-8 installed, and are successfully running CORB jobs, RecordLoader tasks, and our own Java code with the same XDBC servers, with digest authentication set on all of them. Only the ANT tasks run against those same servers--with the same credentials--are failing. It can't be an issue in the ML server then, can it?


garyvidal commented May 3, 2012

Fair enough, will look to see how to fix. May need to keep this up to date with latest XCC versions. Thanks

I suspected it might be something to do with the XCC version, but didn't know all of what would be impacted by trying to change anything there. Meantime if infrastructure allows us to change the security to digestbasic on the servers, the workaround will work. Will keep tuned for updates. Thanks.

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