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XQuerRail is an open source Rails platform inspired by Symfony and RoR for XML Databases such as MarkLogic, Exist and Sausalito. The basis is to develop rapid applications by using MVC model and a generator which scaffolds applications using little xquery working knowledge of XML or XML database products. The application concepts comprise of the following areas:

Rapid Application Development

  • Model View Controller Architecture.
  • Clean, performant, optimized XQuery code based on best practices for scalability, ease of development and maintainability.
  • Abstraction Layer of XQuery Updating/Access API's for handling common database operations in XML database penned "LUDACRIS" (L)IST,(U)PDATE,(D)ELETE,(A)DD, (C)OLLECTION,(I)NFO,(S)EARCH!!!!
  • A domain language for developing data models in XML that expresses your domain model in a simple fashion. Based on the concept of YAML and RNGC.
  • Advance URL Rewriting and Routing model which can support multiple engines for rendering XML, xHTML and JSON.
  • Support XQuery Reflection capabilities to dynamically inject custom logic or Mixins. Write less code and promote code re-use.

UI Development

  • A rich set of UI templates to change the look and feel of generated applications.
  • UI Components using JQuery and helpers to include them in your application.
  • Advance Rendering Template Engine - with support for customized tags libraries, widgets and helper libraries for building Web Based Applications.

Ready to Deploy

  • Automated application deployment and database generation.