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POPL is the symposium on Principles of Programming Languages. The 2014 edition will take place in San Diego, from January 22 to January 24.

The list of accepted papers was published there. The present page tries to gather preprint links and complementary information; please do not hesitate to submit issues or pull requests. Patch authors: please pay attention to the two non-erasable whitespaces required to add a line break after each link.

(See here for a similar page for ICFP'13)


As of late January 2014, the official POPL proceedings are publicly available for download from the POPL website. This is a truly excellent initiative. We can only hope they will remain available in the future, and similar miracles will happen for the next editions of this conference. Thanks!


Affiliated events

(Feel free to send me pull request with the programme of the affiliated events, even if you don't have much preprint links, when they become available.)


The list of accepted papers is available here.