An AIR Native Extension for the OUYAs IAP (In-App Purchases)
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DEPRECATED! Use the Facade Extension instead:

AIROUYAIAP is an unofficial Native Extension for Adobe AIR designed to expose the functionalities of the OUYA IAP (In-App Purchases) to ActionScript 3.

Updated to ODK 1.0.5 and currently being used in several OUYA titles!


You will need to register your App on OUYAs servers in order to be able to download a key.der file. In the demo project, you will need to put this in your bin/ directory.
Your package name in your Manifest.xml file might be something like this:

  • com.yourdomain.appname
    BUT when you register on OUYA, you MUST use a format like this:
    If you don't, then you'll receive the 2005 Error that the Application UUID is invalid (Check DDMS in case you aren't getting any purchase responses in AIR Console)

Be careful when using the APK in the test application! This has actual purchasing information with our developer id and application key, etc. If you make a purchase in this application you may inadvertantly buy me a beer - as in, YOU MAY BE CHARGED!
Instead, use the project, enter your developer ID, register your app and generate a key.der, download and add to your bin/ directory and THEN deploy/run the application. At this point you'll be using YOUR developer credentials and wont be charged.

Folder Structure

There are 4 folders within the project:
The Native Java code.
The ActionScript 3 Interface code. Generates a SWC.
A simple application that implements the ANE. This performs your initialization, makes various requests and traces the results.
The default implementation that allows the ANE to be attached to any platforms project and still compile.

Current Progress

<BR<Update to ODK 1.0.5 (Complete!)
Update to ODK 1.0.3 (Complete!)
Initialization works (Using Developers UUID and Application Key)
Requests Product Info
Requests Receipts (Broken! Currently updating)
Requests Gamer UUID (NB: These are unique for each gamer, on each game - even if the game is by the same developer!)
Make a Purchase Request (Working with new ODK)
Put the Purchase into Test Mode (Use new method - send boolean in first call to getInstance)


  • Update external class files added to JAR, to avoid collisions with Controller ANE [DONE]
  • Add "Testing" Boolean (Affects new way of signalling testing in ODK)
  • Update to ODK 1.0.3 [DONE]
  • Send Application Key [DONE]
  • Support Encrypted Purchase Requests [DONE]
  • Support Encrypted Purchase Responses [DONE]
  • Support Encrypted Receipt Requests [DONE]
  • Support Encrypted Receipt Responses [DONE]
  • Create and issue events in AS3 [DONE]
  • Parse results from Java into usable AS3 classes [DONE]
  • Pass results to AS3 [DONE]
  • Parse results in Java [DONE]
  • Creates classes for and Initialize: ** Product Request Listener [DONE] ** Receipt Request Listener (Currently only supports the JSON receipt parser, as Encrypted receipts are not yet available) [DONE] ** Gamer UUID Request Listener [DONE] ** Make Purchase Request Listener [DONE]
  • Attempt initialization with OUYA Servers (in Java) [DONE]
  • Send initialize details (Developer UUID) from AS3 to Java [DONE]
  • Exctract .class files from ODK and embed into ANE (at JAR level) [DONE]
  • Include OUYA Library (ODK) [DONE]
  • Build ANE Projects (Java; AS3 Library; Demo Project) [DONE]


The code, packages and anything in this project are provided "as is". You are free to do what you like, modify, update etc - if you like, send a pull/push request if you have any fixes or suggestions. And if in doubt, follow Whetons Law: