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Activity Stream Add-on

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This is the source code for the Activity Stream project, which replaces the "New Tab" of Firefox with a new design based on rich metadata and browsing behavior.


To install the release version of the add-on, check out Test Pilot.

If you would like to see changes more regularly, you can install the dev build, which is updated on every commit.

For Localizers

Activity Stream localization is managed via Pontoon, not direct pull requests to the repository. If you want to fix a typo, add a new language, or simply know more about localization, please get in touch with the existing localization team for your language, or Mozilla’s l10n-drivers for guidance.

For Developers

TLDR; I just want to run it

  1. Make sure you have Firefox Beta, node 5.0+ and at npm 3.0+ installed.
  2. npm install
  3. npm run once


  • You must have at Firefox (45.0+) installed
  • node 5.0+, npm 3.0+ (You can install both here)


  • install from pre-builts

  • install from source

    git clone
    cd activity-stream
    npm install
    npm run package


Default configuration is in config.default.yml. Create a file called config.yml to override any default configuration.

Running tasks

You may run npm run help to see a description of all commands available, which you can run via npm run [command]. Here are some important ones:

Running the add-on

If you just want to build assets and run the add-on to test it, you may simply run:

npm run once

Developing the add-on

If you want to watch assets and compile them continuously, you will want to run

npm run start

in one terminal session, and

npm run firefox

to start the add-on. This way, when you make changes to the content-src folder, they will be reflected immediately without needing to restart the add-on.

Running Tests

Run npm test to run the tests once. Run npm run help for more options.

Running benchmarks

Run npm run benchmark to run the benchmarks once. See more details for benchmarking the add-on here.

Exporting to mozilla-central

To export the bootstrapped add-on to a mozilla-central directory that shares the same parent as this current directory, run this command:

npm run buildmc

This will first clear out any existing files from mozilla-central/browser/extensions/activity-stream before copying over the newly built files and optionally patching mozilla-central/browser/extensions/ to get the add-on built with Firefox. These changes to mozilla-central are uncommitted and ready for building/testing/committing.

Note: You can create a symlink to the mozilla-central repository, e.g.,

ln -s ~/other-located-or-named-mozilla-central ../mozilla-central


MVP prototype add-on for activity streams







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