Updated R code from Gasparrini StatMed 2010
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Updated R code from Gasparrini StatMed 2010

An example of application of DLNMs in time series analysis, introducing the R package dlnm. The example is similar to that included in the article:

Gasparrini A, Armstrong B, Kenward MG. Distributed lag non-linear models. Statistics in Medicine. 2010;29(21):2224-2234. [freely available here]

The article and code introduce the R package dlnm.

The original example included in the article was based on data for the city of New York available from the National Mortality, Morbidity, and Air Pollution Study (NMMAPS), which at the time of the publication was available through the R package NMMAPSlite. Unfortunately, the data are not available any more and the package NMMAPSlite has been archived. This means that the analysis of the paper is not replicable. In order to provide a working example, the code has been replaced with a similar analysis on the same data for Chicago, which is available as the dataset chicagoNMMAPS through the package dlnm.

The material:

  • Rcode.R performs the example

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