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1 parent f8f6ed1 commit c4b9725fb5e97e549396396e4ddad824193b1145 @gastaldi committed Aug 21, 2012
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+@/* Why: What is the most expensive and painful part of software development? */;
+@/* How: Google for answers, blogs, experiment. */;
+@/* What: Forge streamlines technology integrations to provide a repeatable, testable, productive programming model tool.*/;
+persistence setup --provider HIBERNATE --container JBOSS_AS7;
+entity --named Conference;
+field string --named name;
+field temporal --type DATE --named beginDate;
+field temporal --type DATE --named endDate;
+@/* Explain round tripping / full parsing */;
+entity --named Session;
+field manyToOne --named conference --fieldType --inverseFieldName sessions;
+field string --named title;
+field string --named description;
+entity --named SessionReview;
+field manyToOne --named session --fieldType --inverseFieldName reviews;
+field string --named reviewerName;
+field int --named rating;
+field string --named comments;
+entity --named Speaker;
+field string --named name;
+field string --named company;
+field string --named website;
+field string --named twitter;
+field oneToMany --named sessions --fieldType --inverseFieldName speaker;
+cd ~~;
+scaffold setup;
+scaffold from-entity ~.model.*;

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