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The Setup
Your First Regex
Finding Specific Strings
Matching Any Character
Matching Sets Of Characters
Inverting Sets Of Characters
Translating Simple Regex
The Beginning And End
Optional Elements
Repetition, Repetition
Frugality In All Things
This Or That
Translating Complex Regex
Escaping Things
Escape Sequences You May Need
Grouping And Captures
Minimum And Maximum
The Limits Of Regular Expressions
Useful Extensions
Verbose Regex With Comments
Named Captures
Extensions To Avoid
Translating Insane Regex
Memorize Your Symbology
Debugging Regex
Mid-term Exam
When Not To Use Regex
Using sed To Alter Files
Writing Edit Scripts for sed
Using sed Syntax In Vim
Hot Vim Tricks With Regex
Using grep To Find Stuff
Grepping For Specific Things
Code Searching With ack
Simple Reporting Wtih awk
Using Regex In Python
Using Regex In Ruby
Using Regex In JavaScript
Using Regex In C
The Concept Of Lexing
Designing A Lexicon
Writing The Lexer In Python
Testing The Python Lexer
Writing The Lexer In Ruby
Testing The Ruby Lexer
How A Simple Parser Works
Designing The Grammar
Writing The Parser In Python
Testing The Python Parser
Writing The Parser In Ruby
Testing The Ruby Parser
Extending The Parser
Final Exam
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