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Histograms for NBA players data

This is a Shiny app that generates histograms using data of NBA players from the season 2015-2016..


The goal is to provide examples of histograms and distributions of quantitative variables. Statistics, Chapter 3: The Histogram (pages 32-56):

  • A variable is a characteristic of the subjects in a study. It can be either qualitative or quantitative.
  • A histogram is a visual display used to look at the distribution of a quantitative variable.
  • A histogram represents precents by area. It consists of a set of blocks. The area of each block represents the percentage of cases in the correspoding class interval.
  • With the density scale, the height of each block equals the percentage of cases in the the corresponding class interval, divided by the length of that interval.

Reference: "Statistics" by David Freedman, Robert Pisani and Roger Purves (2007). Fourth Edition. Norton & Company.


The data set is in the nba_players.csv file (see data/ folder) which contains 528 rows and 39 columns, although this app only uses quantitative variables.

How to run it?


# Easiest way is to use runGitHub
runGitHub("introstat-spring-2017", "ucb-introstat", subdir = "apps/ch03-histograms")