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Ch21 - Percent Estimation

This is a Shiny app that illustrates the concept of accuracy of percentages. In other words, confidence intervals when esitmating a percentage.


The goal is to provide a visual display for the various examples in Statistics, Chapter 21: Accuracy of Percentages

Reference: "Statistics" by David Freedman, Robert Pisani and Roger Purves (2007). Fourth Edition. Norton & Company.


The data consists of a box model with two types of tickets: 0's and 1's. The user can specify the nummber of both types of tickets (# of 1's, # of 0's). The app simulates drawing tickets from the box. There are two parameters, one is the number of draws (i.e. sample size), and the other is the number samples (i.e. # of repetitions).


There are three plots:

  1. The first tab shows a histogram for the sum of draws.
  2. The second tab shows a histogram for the percentage of tickets 1's.
  3. The third tab shows a chart with the percentage of the box (i.e. population percentage), and the confidence intervals of the drawn samples.

How to run it?

There are many ways to download the app and run it:


# Easiest way is to use runGitHub
runGitHub("shiny-introstats", "gastonstat", subdir = "ch21-percentage-estimation")

Or you can clone the git repository, then use runApp():

# First clone the repository with git. If you have cloned it into
# ~/shiny-introstats, first go to that directory, then use runApp().