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Wag is a WebAssembly compiler implemented as a Go package.


  • The input is a wasm binary module.

  • The output is machine code.

  • It is only a compiler. A runtime environment for the compiled program, including all import functions, needs to be implemented separately. Wag has been developed for the Gate runtime. See wasys for a simple example runtime.

  • Single-pass, fast ahead-of-time compilation. Early functions can be executed while the latter functions are still being compiled, even while the source is still being downloaded.

  • The generated code requires minimal runtime support; it's designed to be executed in an isolated environment. Calling standard library ABIs is not directly supported, but see wasys for an example which exposes syscalls as WebAssembly import functions.

  • Supports snapshot-and-restore across compiler versions and CPU architectures.

  • Supports breakpoint debugging via recompilation.

  • Cross-compilation is supported via Go build tags. If wagamd64 is specified, the x86-64 code generator is used regardless of host architecture, and CPU feature detection is disabled with pessimistic assumptions. Likewise for wagarm64 (but feature detection is not used for ARM64).


  • Supports WebAssembly version 1 (wasm32). No wasm extensions are supported.

  • Supports x86-64 and ARM64 code generation.

  • Generated x86-64 code requires SSE4.1 floating-point instructions (available since 2007).


Spectre variant 1: Out-of-bounds linear memory access detection requires that addressable but unallocated memory is inaccessible. It naturally prevents conditional branch exploitation.

Spectre variant 2: On x86-64, Retpoline is used to protect the runtime environment (although user programs shouldn't be able to inject arbitrary addresses into the branch target buffer).


Requires Linux, Make, Go, Python, Capstone, and a recent version of WABT. The applicable parts of the WebAssembly spec testsuite are run*. Code execution tests are implemented in a separate Go module in the testsuite subdirectory (to work around circular dependencies). All tests can be run by checking out Git submodules and running make check.


$ make
$ bin/wasys -v testdata/hello.wasm
import write(i32, i32, i32) i32
import openat(i32, i32, i32, i32) i32
import read(i32, i32, i32) i32
import close(i32) i32
import pipe2(i32, i32) i32
import _exit(i32)
hello, world