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An IRC bot for Freenode #OswegoCSA

How to use

First, make a configuration file:

$ python3
  • password is the password that will be sent to NickServ after login.
  • admin is the administrator password.

Then, start the bot:

$ python3 &

There's a logfile created at bot.log, which logs most communications that the bot recieves.

Issuing commands:

applesaucebot responds to commands in 3 formats, either ?command args, botnick: command args, or botnick, command args, where botnick is the bot's nick (provided in the configuration file), command is a command, and args is a space separated list of arguments to the command.

Admin commands:

Admin commands require the admin password to execute. Send this as the first argument to the command. It's advised to send these in a private message to the bot.

die - shut down the bot
reload - reload all modules