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#!/usr/bin/env io
// silica programming language
// Jacob M. Peck
// silica runner
// File: Globals
// Globally available variables
// Group: Variables
/* Topic: Variables
* SCRIPT_FILE - the script file provided to silica on the command line
* SILICA_DIR - an environment variable, pointing to the location of the silica directory
* AUTOEXEC - a path to the autoexec file, if it exists
* SILICA_VERSION - the version number
* REPL_MAX_RECURSIVE_DEPTH - how deep the parser will go before bailing
* REPL_RELOAD - whether to reload the language on exit
* REPL_LOAD_HISTORY - whether to load the history on startup
* REPL_AUTOINVARIANT - whether or not auto-invariance mode is enabled
* REPL_SIREN_ENABLED - whether or not to read and write to siren
* REPL_DEBUG - whether or not to print textual debugging info
* REPL_DEBUGTIME - whether or not to print parsing time info
* silica exit - whether or not to exit the REPL loop after the current command
// if run as a script, this will not be nil, but a file
SCRIPT_FILE := System args at(1)
// if run from outside the silica directory, this is important
if(System getEnvironmentVariable("SILICA_DIR") == nil,
writeln("WARNING: Environment variable SILICA_DIR not set.\nSane behavior cannot be guaranteed.\n")
SILICA_DIR = Path absolute(System getEnvironmentVariable("SILICA_DIR"))
// autoexec file?
if(SILICA_DIR != nil,
AUTOEXEC = Path with(SILICA_DIR, "autoexec.silica")
// load the language
if(SILICA_DIR != nil,
doFile(Path with(SILICA_DIR, "lib/"))
doFile(Path with(SILICA_DIR, ""))
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