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The main repository for the open source MHWorld Database Android app. This project displays data from the MHWorldData project.

The project's Trello board, containing todo's and bugs, is available here

If you wish to chat with us, we also have a discord server

Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play

Build instructions

  • Install Android Studio, and use it to open this project directory
  • Install the version 28 Android SDK via the SDK manager
  • Compile and run the project via Android Studio. You may need to create an emulator using the AVD


If you want to contribute, there are a few ways. Feel free to create an issue, a PR, or to join us on our discord and talk about it.

This project internally receives data from the MHWorldData project, which is currently incomplete. We could use translations and additional data.

Additionally, you can look over our Trello and see what needs doing.


This project is built using the Android Architecture Components in Kotlin. We use ViewModels to maintain state during configuration changes, and Android Room with LiveData to push data. The data is a stored as a SQL file under assets, and copied to the Android data folder before querying.