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title: Labor Proposal
Move to adopt the following as the official Labor policy. Summary and interpretation: if you pay someone to do your labor, **you** are still on the hook for that labor. If you don't do your labor you may receive a *faux pas*. Faux pas disputes are negotiated by the Labor Czar; if that is unsatisfactory it may then be brought to the house.
If you want to earn a dues rebate, propose a plan to the Czar or retroactively have your rebate approved at a meeting. Labor is worth $10/hour for the purposes of fines and rebates. You can't earn more than $200 a month in rebates. You can't "purchase" more hours of labor than you are responsible for each week.
And now the text.
1. Definitions
a. Labor: Services or tasks performed by individual members of the cooperative for mutual collective benefit.
b. Faux pas: a statement by one member that another member does not deserve credit for some specific labor.
c. Labor trade: when two members agree to perform each others' assignments on a temporary basis.
d. Labor sale: when one member compensates another to do their labor for them by a means other than a trade, that member is said to be "buying" labor while the other member is said to be "selling" it.
2. Members
a. All members of La Reunion cooperative are expected to perform two hours of labor per week, the nature of which is negotiated with the Labor Czar.
b. A member may be temporarily excused from labor obligations for a given week as long as that member gives the Labor Czar advance notice; the member is still responsible for making up the obligation in a timely fashion.
c. If a member fails to perform a given labor assignment, or performs the assignment inadequately, the member may be liable for a fine or increased labor obligations to compensate the house.
3. Fines and Rebates
a. If a member receives one or more faux pas' then a fine will be added to the members' dues for the next month.
b. If a member receives one or more faux pas' and moves out they are still liable for the fines they received.
c. When assessing fines or rebates, each hour of labor not performed will be worth $10.
d. A member may earn dues rebates by performing extra labor; earning a rebate for "sold" labor is not allowed.
e. Extra labor tasks proposed for a rebate must be approved by the Labor Czar in advance, or accepted by a majority vote at a house meeting.
f. A member may not earn more than $200 of rebates in a given month.
4. Trades and Sales
a. If two members trade labor they will not be liable for their usual assignments but instead for the labor they received in the trade provided they give advance notice to the Labor Czar.
b. If a member (Purchaser) "buys" labor from another member (Seller), the Purchaser is still liable for the labor and may receive a faux pas if the labor is not performed adequately.
c. A member can only "buy" an amount of labor equal to that which they are assigned by the labor czar.
d. The terms of a labor sale are solely the discretion of the two parties involved. Applicable city, state, and federal laws may apply.
5. Faux Pas
a. A member may issue a *faux pas* to another member for not performing an assigned task or for performing it inadequately.
b. A faux pas must be communicated to the Labor Czar and it is the Labor Czar's responsibility to ensure the house is informed.
c. If the defendant disputes the faux pas, they may discuss this with the Czar; the Labor Czar will then decide the validity of the faux pas.
d. If any member disputes a faux pas, they may bring it to a house meeting with an automatic motion to annul the faux pas with a majority vote.
6. The kinds of labor to be performed as well as the required amount of labor to be performed by members is at the discretion of the Labor Czar.