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title: Letter to Tenants
We're the Community Housing Expansion of Austin, a non-profit housing organization. Recently this apartment building was purchased on our behalf with the intention of creating a housing cooperative here.
The first thing you should know is that we are going to honor all existing leases. This means you do not have to join the cooperative at this point, but we want to include you if you're interested.
In a housing cooperative, the residents manage the property themselves. The residents are in charge of making sure rent is paid, how the rent money is spent, and performing maintenance tasks. These things and more are democratically decided at meetings.
A cooperative does more than just maintain the property. The purpose of a cooperative is to give residents responsibility and to create a community. A cooperative supports its residents, and in turn the residents run the cooperative and support each other. We have managed one cooperative house in South Austin for 11 years.
Being a member of a cooperative includes responsibilities such as cleaning and maintenance of the common areas, working together with other members, and participation in the group decision-making process.
If you'd like to stay beyond your current lease and help us create this community, please visit to find out more. You can also contact for more information.
Community Housing Expansion of Austin
For maintenance issues, call or text our Maintenance Coordinator, Donny Goff, at (512) 765-6305.