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title: Todo
A list of things we need to do. Feel free to add whatever you need!
- Make sure [Motions]() stays up-to-date.
- Decide on treasury details. *This is Gatlin's job. See [TreasuryProposal]()*.
- ~~Be ready to handle maintenance requests BY NEXT WEEK.~~ *We were!*
- ~~Name the house~~.
- Now that the coop is opening, we should begin discussing the transition from expansion group to house membership.
- Get our budget sorted out.
- ~~Finalize section 8 details.~~ *Totally allowed to accept S8 vouchers and assign labor.*
- Finish our letter to existing tenants, translate it to Spanish, and give it to them.
- Finalize the wording of our Pet Policy.
- Make a tentative plan for cookout/meeting at La Reunion (include in letter?)
- ~~Consolidate our various motions into an easily-referenced policy document.~~ *Sort of done. See [Motions]().*
- Investigate [crowd-funding for solar panels on the roof](
- ~~Set up mailing lists and officer emails and some kind of shared document storage situation with Google Apps or similar.~~