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title: Transition
The initiative to create a new coop was started by CHEA and [NASCO Properties][np] along with a bunch of motivated people who began meeting together. This group was solidified into an official expansion wing of CHEA with the intention that it become the membership of the new house when applicable.
Now that the house is closed on, named, and people are moving in it would be prudent to revisit membership policies and other basic definitions to meet our new needs.
# The motion
## Original text
The following was described in a motion passed by the CHEA board on 28 October 2012:
> The committee would have responsibility over house policies and lease
> terms of the new house. The committee would initially consist of at
> least 2 board volunteers; by simple majority the committee may vote to add
> anyone, CHEA-member or otherwise, to the committee with full rights
> and responsibilities. It would be the responsibility of the committee
> to decide what positions and tasks it wishes to create or
> delegate. Meetings are to be called at least 24 hours in advance, and
> may be called by anyone on the committee. The CHEA board has ultimate
> authority over any decisions made, of course, if it is necessary to
> protect CHEA's members from any harm. Until the new house has
> contracts ready to be signed, committee members are to be
> considered full members of the new house; continued membership in the
> house would required signing said contract. The committee may also, of
> course, amend its own quorum, voting, and membership requirements as
> is fit. This committee is created with the express purpose of handing
> over its responsibility to the new house and then dissolving once it is
> appropriate to do so.
## Breakdown of what it says
### Who?
Anyone, CHEA-member or otherwise, is allowed to join the group with all the rights that anyone else in the group has. On 10 January, the committee decided that it would adopt Sasona's model of accepting new members (see [Motions]()).
Up until there are contracts to be signed, all committee members are considered members of the new house. *If there are contracts available to sign, then a member must sign the contract to maintain membership*; otherwise membership is revoked (amicably, of course).
### Officers
The group itself can decide whatever officers and responsibilities it wants to take. The [LaborDescriptions]() page has more information on this.
### Meetings
Meetings may be called by anyone on the committee with 24 hours advance notice. Quorum requires at least 2 CHEA board members and one other person (board member or not). *This is subject to change (and probably will).* Most decisions require a 2/3 majority, except new-member decisions.
### Amendments
This group was created with the explicit intention that it modify its own policies and procedures according to its needs. See [Motions]() and [Minutes]() for more information on our activity thus far.
# Transitioning
Some issues that immediately come to mind:
- Currently quorum requires two board members
- We have told people they are members when they have not met our requirements of 2 meetings