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title: What is CHEA?
Community Housing Expansion of Austin (CHEA) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization which provides affordable cooperative housing to its members. It is the legal entity through which Sasona Cooperative and this new house currently conduct business. Having a corporation facilitates certain types of business we may wish to conduct, without making individual members legally liable.
# Purpose
Broadly, the purpose of CHEA is to allow us to exist legally and to allow us all to own the house without being mired in endless legal details. Each member of the houses is a **member-owner** of CHEA. CHEA does not give out shares, however; instead members of CHEA elect the Board of Directors and have the power to revise the bylaws of the organization whenever they see fit. As CHEA owns the property, this means that the members by extension also own the property. Additionally, CHEA files our tax returns and ensures we are financially solvent.
CHEA **does not** have any say over house policy or house culture and it is not "above" the houses. It is a legal entity.
# Bylaws
You may read the [bylaws here](
# The Board of Directors
Members of the houses vote on the board of Directors. The current board of Directors:
- Chair: Hannah Frankel
- Secretary: Virginia Lu
- Treasurer: Gatlin Johnson
- Sasona Steward: Melissa Sanchez
- Member at Large: Matt Maker
The Board is currently undergoing structural changes. For over 10 years there was only one house, so for example the Steward of Sasona has a position, and all the current Board members are from Sasona. With the new house we are going to switch to a more balanced system of representation.
# NASCO Properties
CHEA does own the houses in tandem with NASCO Properties. For more information, please visit the page [WhatIsNASCO]().