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A Qt interface to libpurple
(c) 2010 Gatlin C Johnson <>
This software is provided as-is, with no warranty express or implied, under the
terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. You may obtain the text of
this license at
Qt is a very nice C++ library which is all but necessary to make the language
bearable (in the eyes of the author); libpurple is the pre-eminent multi-
protocol communications library, which is useful in a number of cross-platform
QPurple attempts to provide a Qt interface to libpurple. This is to be
accomplished by integrating libpurple with the Qt event loop, and providing
high-level wrapper classes which expose the libpurple core through signals and
slots. In this way, a developer can start using libpurple in a Qt program,
making use of constructs familiar to anyone who has used Qt.
This library requires qmake to build. The specifics depend on your platform;
for more information read up on qmake. The result is a shared object which you
may put wherever the hell you want.
Note that building the libqpurple library does not automatically build the test
project; that is done separately in the test directory itself.
Roadmap for upcoming releases:
* exposing the UI ops, etc as slots for other classes to fill in. You know, so
a program could use libpurple
* exposing accounts, buddy lists, and other integral objects as classes >_>
* updating the project file to link with libpurple on platforms other than unix
* coming up with more bullets
27 July 2010
What the hell was I thinking, this is completely untestend (and apparently
buggy) code. Also, version numbers are pretty stupid too.
I need to not do these things at 3am.
27 July 2010, Addendum
I have created a test sub-project called "test" which will showcase what is
possible with qpurple.
0.1.0, 26 July 2010
This is the inaugural version. Event loop integration works, and a very stupid
and useless but nonetheless working program could link with this library and
initialize the libpurple core, though nothing would be gained by it.
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