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A Haskell Twitter shitposting framework.

(c) 2016 Gatlin Johnson. For license information see the LICENSE file distributed with this source code. Like anyone gives a shit.

  1. What?

This is an (in development) library for interacting with the Twitter API. The Shitpost monad is defined which automatically keeps track of your API credentials, manages connections, and handles all the bullshit OAuth stuff.

Update: I've actually decided to make this more generalized and include Tumblr as well!

It uses my tubes library for efficient stream handling and great justice:

{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}

import Data.ByteString (ByteString)
import Net.Monad.Shitpost
import Net.Monad.Shitpost.Twitter
import Tubes

creds :: Credentials
creds = Credentials {
    consumerKey = "some-key",
    consumerSecret = "some-secret",
    token = Just "access-token",
    tokenSecret = Just "access-token-secret"

ripHarambe :: Shitpost ()
ripHarambe = do
    status <- tweet "#RipHarambe"
    liftIO . putStrLn $ case statusCode status of
        200 -> "Shit: posted"
        _   -> "Another time, sweet prince"

findHarambeTweets :: Shitpost ()
findHarambeTweets = searchKeyword "harambe" $ \status tweets ->
    runTube $ sample tweets >< pour tweetSinkOfSomeKind

tweetSinkOfSomeKind :: Sink Shitpost ByteString
tweetSinkOfSomeKind = {- ... -}
  1. Installation

This isn't polluting the Hackage repository (yet) but if you have stack installed then you can:

$> git clone shitter
$> cd shitter
$> stack setup && stack build && stack install

and then go do your thing.

  1. Questions / Comments / Wanna talk about Harambe?

Email me at or use the GitHub Issues feature.


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