VTD-XML based XPath support for Gatling
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Gatling VTD Build Status


This module is deprecated and no longer maintained.


gatling-vtd is an extension for the Gatling stress tool that provides XPath extraction based on VTD-XML.

VTD-XML is a XPath 1.0 implementation that is much more faster than the standard one.


Step 1 : adding the dependency

When using the Gatling bundle

Just drop the gatling-vtd-<version>.jar into the lib directory. You can find the suitable jar here.

When using maven Maven

Use the following in you pom.xml :

	<name>Excilys Repository</name>

Step 2 : using in the scripts

If you use the txt format, the required imports are automatically registered. If you use the scala format, add the following import :

import com.excilys.ebi.gatling.vtd.http.check.body.HttpBodyVTDXPathCheckBuilder._

This will let you use the new extractor builtins. The syntax is similar to the standard XPath one, just replace the prefix "xpath" with "vtdXpath". For example :

check(vtdXpath("//input[@id='text1']/@value") saveAs "aaaa_value")

Important notice : licence

VTD-XML use a dual GPLv2/commercial licence.

This is the reason why gatling-vtd is a separate project licenced under GPLv2 instead of being integrated into core Gatling, that is Apache 2 licenced.

So please be aware that if you use this module :

  • either your whole Gatling based project become GPLv2,
  • or you have to purchase a commercial licence from Ximpleware.