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Provide a way to add extra series to charts #359

slandelle opened this Issue · 3 comments

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The simpliest way of doing this is to define a file format.
A typical usage is adding data from the server under test in the reports, such as CPU or memory usage.


Any chance to see this issue implemented in a near futur ?


We are thinking of providing an integration with server side monitoring, but don't know yet how we would implement it.
So this feature is something we'll implement along the way, just want to be sure that it will be compatible.
If "near" means 2012, yes.
If it means next month, I don't think so. ;-)


@fdrouet This issue will probably be postponed.
The reason is that we're working on Metrics integration, so that Gatling metrics can be pushed real time to JMX/Graphite/Ganglia. In this case, it would be the responsibility to a dedicated monitoring tool, such a Graphite, to display consolidated reports.


@slandelle slandelle closed this
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