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Gatsby v2 Beta

⚛️📄🚀 Blazing-fast site generator for React

NOTE: This branch is the beta version of Gatsby v2. You can find documentation at

For gatsby@1, please see the v1 branch.

Are you using v1 and want to upgrade to the Gatsby v2 Beta? Check out our v1 => v2 migration guide.

Starting a new project with Gatsby v2 If you'd like to start a new project with Gatsby v2 you can use the v2 edition of any offical starter. Install your favourite one with the Gatsby CLI.

gatsby-starter-default with v2:

gatsby new my-default-project

gatsby-starter-hello-world with v2:

gatsby new my-hello-world

gatsby-starter-blog with v2:

gatsby new my-blog

If you're a start from scratch kind of person, you can install the Gatsby beta and React like this: npm install gatsby@next react react-dom

How are pull requests being handled during the v2 beta?

The following policy will be in place during the v2 beta:

  • We will only accept bug fixes for Gatsby v1. Any PRs opened against v1 that are not bug fixes will be closed

  • If the bug fix is applicable to v2, we will open an additional issue to track porting the change to v2

  • All new features should be opened as pull requests against v2 (the master branch)

We're using this policy as the Gatsby team currently spends a significant amount of time maintaining two active branches - the v1 branch and the v2 branch - we'd like to limit this work to focus on getting v2 released and start working on oft-requested new features like schema snapshots and schema stitching.


Websites built with Gatsby:


View the docs on

Migrating from v1 to v2?

Migrating from v0 to v1?

v0 docs


This repository is a monorepo managed using Lerna. This means that we publish many packages to NPM from the same codebase.


Thanks to our many contributors and sponsors as well as the companies sponsoring our testing and hosting infrastructure, Travis CI, Appveyor, and Netlify.


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