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Gatsby Starters

The Gatsby CLI tool lets you install “starters”. These are boilerplate Gatsby sites maintained by the community.

gatsby new helps you start your project by cloning the boilerplate, installing dependencies, and clearing Git history.

When creating a new site, you can optionally specify a starter to base your new site on e.g.


For example, to quickly create a blog using Gatsby, you could install the Gatsby Starter Blog by running:

gatsby new blog

This downloads the files and initializes the site by running npm install

If you don't specify a custom starter, your site will be created from the default starter.

## Official starters

Official starters are maintained by Gatsby.

Community starters

Community starters are created and maintained by Gatsby community members.

Looking for a starter for a particular use case? Peruse starters that have been submitted to the Starter Library

Created a starter you'd like to share? Follow these steps to submit your starter to the Starter Library.