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chore: adjust renovate config (#22355)

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pieh committed Mar 19, 2020
1 parent 341cc5b commit 9b7b6bb71f42061873c7d4cc0b427e6bafca0bd6
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@@ -46,6 +46,37 @@
// minor updates in packages <1.0.0 - need master issue approval
// not grouped
masterIssueApproval: true,
updateTypes: ["minor"],
packageNames: [
// below is list of packages that use 0.X version range, any minor bump there can contain breaking changes, so we just ignore minor bumps for those packages and will need to bump them manually

Check warning on line 67 in renovate.json5

Typo CI / TypoCheck


"jscodeshift" is a typo. Did you mean "shiftiness"?
// below is list of packages that we use alpha/beta/next/canary, where it's not really safe to bump automatically and need extra caution
groupName: "patch updates in packages",
updateTypes: ["patch"],

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