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fk feat(using-gatsby-image): refresh design, switch to emotion (#9377)
* Initial commit :P

* Squash a few bytes

* Yo

* Don’t bind query name to image author

* Breakpoints

* wat

* Tidy z-index mess

* Use `styled`

* Doc, order, be explicit

* Use `styled`

* Simpler

* Moar `styled`, remove typography-theme-elk-glen

* Mv layouts/index -> components/layout

* Order

* Lint

* Escape from L.A.

* No named colors

* No PropTypes for now

* Don’t link away from example site

* Moar `styled`

* Order, z-index (again)

* Rm React.Fragment

* Fiddle around with image sizes

* Font size, use `blockMarginBottom`

* Images have no border-radius

* Allow setting title and background for `FloatingImage`

* Fix background colors, titles

* Limit `tracedSVG` gallery to subset of images

* rename folder
* rename query
* adjust query filter (`relativePath` -> `relativeDirectory`)

* Reduce image dimensions/file size, go with default quality where possible

* Shorten query filename regexes

* Rm two more images, add „-unsplash“ to all unsplash images

* Fix regex

* Use preset constants

* Drop object styles

* Duh

* Drop moar object styles

* Moar template literals

* feat(examples): add a remote-images plugin so as to not introduce bloat (#9605)

* feat: add a remote-images plugin so as to not introduce bloat

Note: this PR requires #9349 to be merged

* chore: source all images (besides one) from unsplash/remote data

* chore: bump all deps (to get remote image changes in


* Fix image `title`, tidy

- bring back image `title`/credits for homepage image, `floatingImage` and `fullWidthImage`, and `ImageGallery` images
- use function component for `TracedSVG`
- fix Gatsby logo position

* Don’t associate query title with image content

* Component name

* Function component

* Add mask-image to mobile navigation

* Fix layout (and coverImage) width for `Xxl` screens

- rn presets.Hd to presets.Xl
- add presets.Xxl
- declare units along setting presets.gutter and presets.offset values
- adjust `maxWidth` image query values

* Duh

* Fix logo link duh

* Finishing move 🤞

* refactor last pieces of CSS to use template literals
* „namespace“ media query constants in `presets` (`presets.mq`), lowercase `em
* rename `presets`’ `zIndex` to `elevation`
* fix `floatingImage` negative margin
* adjust modular scale ratio to major third, and stick to it when using `scale`
* simplify navigation active state styles
* small fix to the README of the local gatsby-source-remote-images plugin
* (almost) no more `px` and `!important`
* add link to image-processing.gatsbyjs.org
Latest commit 2be8532 Nov 5, 2018