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The Gatsby store for swag and other Gatsby goodies.
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Gatsby Swag Store

This is the Gatsby store, where we make swag, stickers, and other Gatsby goodies available to contributors and Gatsby enthusiasts. 💪💜

Gatsby socks with Dora for scale. Photo credit: doraforscale

See it live:

Technical Overview

This store is built with data from:

We’re using Gatsby V2 and Emotion to get the data on screen.

The store is statically rendered using the Shopify source plugin, and the maintainer dashboard is a dynamic app (e.g. client-only routes) protected by Auth0.

Free Swag for Contributors

If you're a contributor to Gatsby, that means you can get one free item from our store! Log in using your GitHub account and we'll give you a discount code good for a t-shirt or socks. With five or more contributions, You can claim your level two swag!

See the docs for claiming contributor swag for additional details.

Cheap Swag for All

We sell our swag at pretty close to cost (we round for easy math) and we don’t charge shipping fees. Grab a t-shirt or socks and show everyone your favorite blazing fast framework!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it say I'm not eligible when I enter the discount code?


Try opening the store in an incognito window and then proceed to check out. When checking out, make sure you're using the same email that's listed on your GitHub account.

Why can't I get the store to authenticate?


We think this is a local storage issue, and it only seems to happen in Safari-based browsers. This includes all iOS browsers. Please see this issue for details (or to help us fix it).

Why won't my credit card work?


Please make sure the card isn't frozen or otherwise blocked by your financial institution. If it's not that, please send us an email to if you're unable to pay with your credit card.

I've been waiting for my package, but it hasn't arrived yet.


International shipments can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered. 😱 Tracking updates may not always show up in real time on your tracking link. If you still have not received your order at the end of 6 weeks, please let us know by sending an email to, and we'll see how we can help!

I wanted to order something but it's out. How long will it take before it's back in stock?


Some of the swag has been selling like hotcakes (only less tasty and a providing a bit more coverage). Once an item is out, it takes us about 3 weeks for it to get back in stock.

The delivery service is telling me I need to pay additional fees to get my order. I thought Gatsby covered shipping costs. What gives?


On some international orders, customs will add additional taxes, duties, and other fees. This is unpredictable, and we have no way of knowing if or when it will happen, or how much it will be. If this happens to you, there is, unfortunately, nothing else Gatsby can do. You are responsible for paying any additional fees imposed as part of the customs process. Thanks for your understanding!

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