Assets 2
  • Fixed: instance.type() returns appropriate class reference for non-internal classes
    • Issue did not affect legacy mode where jT_Legacy = true
  • Removed: Deprecated helper functions for packaged definitions
    • Includes .private(), .protected(), .public(), .prototype(), and .static()
  • Fixed: .accessor() properly handles invalid modifiers on native type constraints
  • Updated: Type constraint handlers initialize default values without the new operator
    • Only applies to non-primitive constraints for native types (except for Date which requires the new operator)
  • Fixed: .format() properly handles invalid indexes when no alignment is present

@gaulinsoft gaulinsoft released this Apr 28, 2014

Assets 2
  • Fixed: ! not-nullable operator properly handles default values
    • Applies to uninitialized fields and auto properties
  • Fixed: Type constraint handlers are shared between classes
    • Previous version only shared handlers with definitions in the same class
  • Fixed: Removed global prototype reference leak when building structs
    • Struct optimization introduced this issue in the previous version
  • Added: Built-in type constraints for ECMAScript 5.1 Typed Arrays
    • float32[], float64[], uint32[], int32[], uint16[], int16[], uint8[], int8[]
    • Requires the global jT_TypedArrays flag to be set (and Internet Explorer 10+)

@gaulinsoft gaulinsoft released this Apr 21, 2014

Assets 2
  • Fixed: Compiler ignores class definitions with an undefined value
  • Fixed: :: namespace qualifier supports aliases
    • Only the global:: qualifier was available in the previous version
  • Fixed: Restricted the global alias from being defined
  • Added: Built-in type constraints element and jquery
    • jQuery must be included before jTypes to support the jquery constraint
    • Browser DOM elements must be an instanceof HTMLElement to support the element constraint
  • Added: Structs now support the optimized modifier
  • Fixed: jT_FunctionLock, jT_Legacy, and jT_PrototypeLock globals have restrictive defaults
    • Previous version did not fallback to default values when settings were not primitive booleans