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A Java client for web push encryption
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Please use instead. That has better feature compatibility and is more actively maintained :-)

I may not get too much time to actively maintain this. I can add ownership if anyone is interested

Java library for encryption for push notification payloads for the browser push API

Getting Started

  • Use gradle build to build
  • Use gradle writeClasspath to write the classes to /build/classpath.txt. Use this in your application (or Scala REPL) for testing
  • Requires Java8 and (dependencies)


Sample code:

// TODO Verify with Firefox, add docs :-)

public GcmData generateEncryptedPayload(final String payload, final ChromeNotification notification)
    throws InvalidAlgorithmParameterException, NoSuchAlgorithmException, NoSuchProviderException,
           InvalidKeySpecException, InvalidKeyException, IOException, NoSuchPaddingException, BadPaddingException,
           IllegalBlockSizeException {
  GcmData data = new GcmData();
  KeyPair serverKeys = _ellipticCurveKeyUtil.generateServerKeyPair();
  final BrowserPushSubscriptionKeys keys = notification.getBrowserPushSubscriptionKeys();

  final ECPublicKey clientPublicKey = _ellipticCurveKeyUtil.loadP256Dh(keys.getP256dh());
  final byte[] clientAuth = Base64.getUrlDecoder().decode(keys.getAuth());
  final byte[] salt = generateSalt();
  final byte[] sharedSecret = _ellipticCurveKeyUtil.generateSharedSecret(serverKeys, clientPublicKey);
  final byte[] serverPublicKeyBytes = _ellipticCurveKeyUtil.publicKeyToBytes((ECPublicKey) serverKeys.getPublic());
  final byte[] clientPublicKeyBytes = _ellipticCurveKeyUtil.publicKeyToBytes(clientPublicKey);
  final byte[] nonceInfo = generateInfo(serverPublicKeyBytes, clientPublicKeyBytes, NONCE);
  final byte[] contentEncryptionKeyInfo = generateInfo(serverPublicKeyBytes, clientPublicKeyBytes, AESGCM128);

  data.cipherText = encryptPayload(payload, sharedSecret, salt, contentEncryptionKeyInfo, nonceInfo, clientAuth);
  data.encryptionHeader = createEncryptionHeader(salt);
  data.cryptoKeyHeader = createCryptoKeyHeader(serverPublicKeyBytes);

  return data;

class GcmData {
  String cipherText;
  String encryptionHeader;
  String cryptoKeyHeader;

To send the request to GCM, use

curl -X POST -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: key=<key>" -H "Encryption: salt=eZULO4LdQPl_tpv79Ri3Ng==" -H "Crypto-Key: dh=BJ5xtRN5AkECsyoM3ljFkxrmlYjB-lsDIwUoOT5RlMV3AbDHcRg-MFFgLLfu5ef56pA5wtlz1noGLfNVPjRE_UA=" -H "Content-Encoding: aesgcm" -H "Cache-Control: no-cache" -d '{
    "registration_ids": ["d14qJGqcOI0:APA91bHwMJJegKCw1fX0IHJkicmUGlcWDHyOBEMHVgX6W5uMzUz9DqjJ1YDtqJ-rSzsb253LTcuKtlCKAXSRf5Dx16l9IE1C7XnKQY_IpLvfa7TuGT2ftKunJ4yR0XfFgQndRbu2gawu"],
    "raw_data": "RXFlOrxl7NC0QXoCJmQyZPIj/YjDveJucVhL0OQn"
}' ""

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