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the docker for gauntlt
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the docker for gauntlt

How it works

This is not a traditional docker container. It is purposely made to get started with security testing with gauntlt. There are a couple things we do here that are a bit different.

  • Arachni and nikto are installed inside this container
  • Gauntlt is installed and is set as the entrypoint
  • You can run make install-stub and on your host machine you will be able to just run $ gauntlt-docker as if you were running $ gauntlt in your host. It's neat but not conventional.

Feel free to fork this and customize for your needs. This container is great to put into a CI/CD pipeline and many people use it for this purpose.


  1. Clone this repo
git clone
  1. Build the docker container
$ cd /path/to/cloned/repo/gauntlt-docker
$ make build
  1. Check out what make can do for you
$ make help
  1. Copy binary stub to your $PATH (like /usr/local/bin)
$ make install-stub
  1. Test it out with a gauntlt-docker --help

  2. You can get interactive access to the container to test attack tools installed

$ make interactive

Have fun!

Gauntlt makes security testing fun and we hope you enjoy using it! This repo is used in many of the DevOps and Security courses on filmed by Ernest Mueller, Karthik Gaekwad, Peco Karayanev and James Wickett. Check out the best devops classes around.

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