Linux script to convert translated (Localised) Android strings.xml from the XLS (SpreadSheet) format to strings.xml
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Convert Android Translated strings (for localisation) from Google spreadsheets to strings.xml

This is a bash script. You can run it in linux.

If you want to contribute a DOS or MAC script, please let me know.

This script converts your translated string from XLS format to strings.xml.


  1. Clone this repository into your home directory
  2. Add the cloned directory to your $PATH
  3. Change perms of tsv2xml to 755


  1. replace $RESPATH with the path of the res folder in your project
  2. make sure the values-xx folders are created, where xx is the two letter langugae code for the particular language

USAGE: tsvtoxml tsv_input_file xml_output [language-code]

tsv_input_file: (required) should be a tab separated values file
xml_output: (required) file should be something like strings.xml
language_code: (optional) if present, the output file is moved to that values folder, 
		eg. if language_code is mr, the output file will be moved to res/values-mr folder


  1. your translated straings XLS file should have the following format

    |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Col1 (Name) | Col2 (Original String) | Col3 (Translated String) | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | app_name | My Exciting Original App | My Exciting Translated App | | hello_world | Hello Original World | Hello Translated World | | . | . | . | | . | . | . | | . | . | . | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

  2. Upload the XLS file to Google Spread sheets, and then download as Tab-Separated-Values

  3. After conversion to strings.xml, the strings.xml would be of the format

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string name="app_name">My Exciting Translated App
<string name="hello_world">Hello Translated World


tsv2xml will print out all the occurances of the % character, so that you can check whether String formatters like %d, %s etc are correct in the translated strings