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app Added map for projects, fixed a sorting bug.
config Added projects/:login. Made a by_login header partial.
db More attempts to fix this dumb bug...
lib Upgraded hoptoad.
script Added db-cached Wikipedia summaries for taxa.
spec Added projects/:login. Made a by_login header partial.
stories Initial commit of the app.
test Replaced nested set taxon tree with materialized path model.
tools Added method to rebuild tree without firing all the taxon callbacks.
vendor Added better CSV output for obs endpoints.
.gitignore Triggering delta index on taxon after new listed taxa created.
Capfile Switched to updated before / after hooks for cap.
MIT-LICENSE Initial commit of the app.
README First commit.
README.textile Titles for mobile pages, updated readme.
Rakefile Added DJ-based delta indexing for models using ThinkingSphinx.


iNaturalist powers

This application provides:

  • A taxonomy system geared toward species
  • A journal system
  • Flickr linking
  • Species explorer (uses the wikimedia api)
  • ID help system
  • Places support
  • Observation endpoints for:
    • Google Maps, Google Earth, CSV, and Atom

Development Setup Guide

Please submit any bugs or annoyances to Github

Active iNaturalist Developers are:

Prior work by:
Jessica Kline, Andrew McDiarmid, and smcgregor

This project is under a MIT license (See: MIT-LICENSE)

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