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AGREW: REconciliation Wrapper


  • Perl 5.10
  • A webserver
    • One of the great things about using Dancer is the number of deployment options available, including running the script directly as a self-contained web server.
    • At the moment, I run Agrew on Starman on a local Unix socket, then proxy to that throw nginx on port 80. That way, Starman is never exposed directly on the internet, and both nginx and Starman run in a restricted, web-only account.
  • LWP::UserAgent (libwww-perl)
  • URI (liburi-perl)
  • JSON (libjson-perl)
  • Dancer (libdancer-perl)
  • Starman (starman)

Version history

  • 0.1-dev11 (December 18, 2015)
    • Reordered search to return the lowest GBIF ID (i.e. the oldest one), see issue #17.
  • 0.1-dev10 (October 29, 2013)
    • Fixed URLs which still referred to
    • Went back to the API call which searches for the query name across all of GBIF.
    • Added a 'kingdom'-based filter to pick a filter.
  • 0.1-dev9 (October 15, 2013)
    • Fixed a bug which caused 500 errors with names containing UTF-8 characters.
    • Changed URLs to GBIF API v0.9.
  • 0.1-dev8 (September 10, 2013)
    • Made some serverside fixes in response to bugs found during initial testing.
  • 0.1-dev7 (September 9, 2013)
    • Added support for GBIF API calls which find multiple matches, such as 'Ficus'.