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A pack of ember-cli-deploy plugins for implementing a simple S3 deploy approach.


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An ember-cli-deploy plugin pack to implement a simple S3 deployment pattern

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This package bundles the plugins you need to have a deployment pipeline for your Ember app to S3. It is based on the AWS pack, but does not assume you are using Cloudfront.

It also has a blueprint for your config/deploy.js file to get you started.


ember install ember-cli-deploy
ember install ember-cli-deploy-s3-pack

The necessary set of plugins will be available to ember-cli-deploy and an example deploy/config.js file will be generated for you to customize with information for your deployment environments.

What is a plugin pack?

A "plugin pack" is a concept supported by ember-cli-deploy that allows a single addon to make multiple plugins available by adding a single direct dependency to your project.

What plugins are made available?


This project is licensed under the MIT License.