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Google Assistant module for your Magic Mirror.

You can now ask questions to your MagicMirror powered by Google Assistant.

All this module does for now is show the following logo -

And animates it to following when assistant is activated using the hotword 'Ok Google' -

It also shows up parsed user speech that is sent to Google Assistant.


This module uses a pubsub model to communicate with google assistant running on Pi.

Create an app in pubnub admin console

Signup for a free dev account here and create an app and get publish and subscriber keys to configure it in following files and config.js.

Replace keys in following files

  • pi/

Setup GA Module

  • git clone into the ~/MagicMirror/modules directory.
  • Install all dependencies by running 'npm install' from the ''~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-GoogleAssistant' directory

Register your GA device

Register your GA device using the register-tool available here and replace the magic-mirror-device-id in the with your unique device id

Setup Google Assistant on Pi

  • Setup your raspberry pi and run the sample to verify if your google assistant is working
  • If you are able to launch google-assistant-demo(see link above) and use the assistant, you should able to use the 'pi/' script that communicates with the magic mirror module.
  • Install Pubnub dependencies using pip install 'pubnub>=4.0.13'
  • Download the 'pi/' script on your raspberry pi and launch it via terminal
  • If you see a 'No module named google' error try running it via /home/pi/env/bin/python3 -u

Add to Config.js

    module: "MMM-GoogleAssistant",
    position: "top_right",
    config: {
        maxWidth: "100%",
        header: "",
    publishKey: 'YOUR_PUBNUB_PUBLISH_KEY',
    subscribeKey: 'YOUR_PUBNUB_SUBSCRIBE_KEY',
    updateDelay: 500


place holder for Video

What's coming in future?

  • use Node.js gRPC bindings so we don't have to use running separately
  • Local Command support - Create a dictionary of commands that can be processed locally. If a command can be processed locally don't send it to cloud.
  • Integration with other modules (via Socket Notifications)
  • Integration with to parse local commands in natural language.
  • Show/Hide modules based on the user query context e.g - Ok, google how's the weather today? Google Assistant answers the weather and MagicMirror brings up a detailed weather module


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