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import mock
from popcorn.parse import parse_text,mail_to_admin,DataError
from popcorn import trace_mail
import traceback
import unittest
parse_data=("POPCORN 0.1 openSUSE-fedora-ubuntu-mint 12.1 x86_64 test_hwuuid22\n"
"o libgmp3 4.3.2 1.13 None i586 openSUSE\n"
"o libfolks0 0.2.0 1.2 None i586 obs://\n"
"v enchant 1.6.0 2.3 1 i586 openSUSE\n"
"o libx264-112 0.112svn20110115 None i586\n"
"n myspell-british 20100316 16.1 None noarch Uknown\n")
class testing_calls(unittest.TestCase):
def test_mail_call(self):
with mock.patch('popcorn.parse.mail_to_admin') as patched:
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