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A graphql, relay and standard rails application powered demo weblog. We are using Graphql server and relay for our react component data needs.
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Demo blog application powered by Rails, react, graphql and Relay.

This blog is an exploration exercise to understand two new technologies - GraphQL and Relay. We are using standard rails application together with webpack for handling front-end dependencies.


Application supports reading and creating data from and on server using GraphQL.


  1. Introduction:
  2. Part1:
  3. Part2:
  4. Part3:
  5. Part4
  6. Part5 - Integrating Webpack with react-on-rails
  7. Final - Wrap up

Current features

  • List posts
  • List comments of the posts
  • Infinite Scroll - posts and comments
  • Show author info, votes and comments count
  • Mutations to create comments and votes
  • Edit and Update comments
  • Create and Delete posts
  • Add a react native app

Demo Links



Running locally

To run the application, please just clone the repo and run it like so:

git clone
cd relay-rails-blog
bundle install
npm install
./start (from terminal). If you get permission error, just do chmod 777 start
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