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Made parse-request-seq clearer.

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1 parent 7b854cd commit f07dcfa7f23c1708feeec02c07c89f968a147153 @gaustin committed Apr 3, 2012
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  1. +6 −2 src/custer/request_parsing.clj
@@ -27,13 +27,17 @@
(defn parse-method-line [raw-method-line]
(split raw-method-line #"\s"))
+; TODO: This method is overloaded with logic. Clean it up.
(defn parse-request-seq [raw-request]
(let [method-path-pair (parse-method-line (first raw-request))
- headers-and-body (split-with (fn [x] (not (empty? x))) (rest raw-request))]
+ headers-and-body (split-with (fn [x] (not (empty? x))) (rest raw-request))
+ headers (first headers-and-body)
+ ; TODO: This isn't the right way to parse the body, but it works for now.
+ body (join "" (flatten (rest headers-and-body)))]
(Request. (first method-path-pair)
(second method-path-pair)
(parse-headers (first headers-and-body) {})
- (join "" (second headers-and-body)))))
+ body)))
(defn parse-request-str [raw-request]
(let [method-path-pair (parse-method-line raw-request)]

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