A ruby client for the OpenVAS OTP 1.0 protocol.
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1. A ruby client for the OpenVAS OTP 1.0 protocol.


2. OpenVAS is a GPL'ed fork of the Nessus security scanner.
3. The OpenVAS server scans target machines for vulnerabilities, by running NVTs (network vulnerability tests)
4. The OpenVAS client communicates with the OpenVAS server using the OTP.
5. The existing client is written in C. I am attempting to implement a ruby client.
6. I am doing this by going through the OpenVAS compendium(documentation) and the source code of the C client(openvas-client-2.0.1).

7. The OpenVAS client and server can only communicate over an encrypted socket.

An example run of the implmentation so far

mrblue@darknetmaster:~/ruby/playground/otpclient-ruby$ ./ovas-otp.rb 
waring: peer certificate won't be verified this session.
< OTP/1.0 >
User : gautam
Password : helloworld
Connected to openVAS server... launching shell..
openvas-rubyclient> attack localhost
SERVER <|> PLUGINS_MD5 <|> 6a7dd34c9ddf18212ef49241cd11f7f2 <|> SERVER
openvas-rubyclient> bye

These are the entries in the openvasd log

[Wed Jan  7 09:25:51 2009][3332] connection from 
[Wed Jan  7 09:25:51 2009][3506] Client requested protocol < OTP/1.0 > . 
[Wed Jan  7 09:25:55 2009][3506] successful login of gautam from 
[Wed Jan  7 09:26:30 2009][3506] Communication closed by client 

- Gautam