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Mozilla Kerala App

Mozilla Kerala is a part of the global community of Mozilla Foundation. This is an app to stay updated about the latest events and news from Mozilla Kerala from the Mozilla Kerala Facebook page and blog. Using this app, you will never miss an update from the Mozilla Kerala community.


  • Get the latest Mozilla Kerala Facebook posts
  • Get the latest Mozilla Kerala blog posts
  • This app has the contact details of all the core community members, so that you can easily connect with them.
  • Stay connected with Mozilla Kerala IRC


Latest : 4.0


  • Firefox os
  • Android (Available via Firefox Marketplace for tablets and mobile)
  • Windows phone (Development in progress)
  • Tizen (Future plan)


This application is created in Intel Intel XDK using Bootstrap Framework.

External plugins Used:


Want to contribute? Great!

"To make any changes to this app, please download the latest version of Intel XDK. You can make changes using the inbuilt text editor of the IDE. Create buttons and other UI elements using the intel app designer"

After making changes, please Submit a pull requst.. :D

###My Mentors


  • Your name will be listed here

Dedicated to all my dear Mozilla Kerala members and other Mozillians... Made With <3