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Run without any installation

  1. Download .exe file from

  2. Double click on 'invisible' (.exe file) to run script (make sure you have webcam connected with computer)

  3. Let the script launch live stream and capture background then enter in the frame with red cloth to get invisible.

  4. Press 'Esc' to exit, After exit, system will automatically save output video in the same folder.

How to run (Python setup):

  1. Download complete folder and rename it to magicCloak.

  2. Create virtual environment named 'env' and activate it using (in windows)

cd env\scripts


  1. Change directory to magicCloak folder

  2. install openCV using

pip install opencv-python

  1. Run the script using


  1. Press 'esc' to exit. After exit script will store output of video in the same folder.

NOTE: Take a red colored cloth or blanket and cover yourself to be invisible.


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