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How to Edit Each Section


Sidebar is controlled by the file config.toml.

  • title is the title of the website.
  • shortbio is the text displayed right under the title.
  • logo is the filename of the picture. The file is placed in content/. For example, if logo = "gr.jpg" then the picture should be placed at content/gr.jpg (as it is now).

Bio, Contact, From Another Life, and Personal

Those four sections are controlled by content/sections/{,,,}. The files are formatted using "Markdown" (.md), a lightweight markup language. A quick guide is available here. To modify those sections, simply edit the corresponding Markdown file.

Publications, Working Papers, and Work in Progress

Those four sections are controlled and automatically generated by "data files" placed under data/ directory. For example, data/work_in_progress/ contains the entries displayed in the "Work in Progress" section. Each directory (for example, data/work_in_progress/) may contain multiple data files, and data files under the same directory will be combined, so you may group entries by year, book, affiliation, etc. and place them in individual data files.

Syntax of Data Files

All data files follow the same format:

- title: "The title of the article"
  pdflink: ""
  book: "Where and when does the article appear"
  note: "A short note displayed under the title"
  coauthors: "Coauthor A, Coauthor B and Coauthor C"
    - url: ""
      text: "Text of the link"
      note: "A short description of the link"
    - url: ""
      text: "Text of the link"
      note: "An unlimited number of links are supported!"
  abstract: >
    Abstract of the article. Don't forget the ">" above.

- title: "The second article"
  note: "The same syntax as the first article"

Everything in the data files are optional, except the title. So you may have an article without abstract and links, and another one without note and PDF link.


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